How to cancel your Google Fiber internet service

How to cancel your Google Fiber internet service

Currently, Google Fiber is obtainable in eighteen cities and provides net service, TV streaming, and phone plans.

Plan prices vary by region, except for a one,000 Mbps (also called a gigabit per second) transfer speed, you'll be able to expect to pay around $70 a month. For transfer speeds go up from a hundred MBPS, plans begin usually begin at $50 a month.

Google Fiber is accessible in eighteen cities. Google

Those speeds square measure quite spectacular, and square measure priced quite competitively – really, some within the business assume Google Fiber is a lot of regarding difficult larger FTTP suppliers into rising their own services (which would build Google's alternative merchandise quicker and a lot of efficient) than it's regarding changing into a large fiber optic network.

If you continue to need to cancel Google Fiber despite the good evaluation and high speeds, ideally you may build that call before the installation takes place. And if that is the case, the method is straightforward.

1. Log into your Google Fiber account, then click the "Manage Profile" link.

2. On your profile page, realize the "Cancel Fiber Service" link and click on it. Then click "Confirm" to follow through on the cancellation.

If you do not see a "Cancel Fiber Service" possibility or if you have already got the service put in, you would like to contact Fiber's client service department and lookout of the method directly.

The client service range for residential purchasers is 866-777-7550. Steven John/Business corporate executive

You can get involved with Fiber client service via the phone, text, email, live chat, faxes, or perhaps via regular recent text mail.

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