Saturday, January 4, 2020

My Top 3 Influencer Marketing Platforms

My Top 3 Influencer Marketing Platforms

As business marketing and promotional strategies change, influencer marketing is quickly gaining popularity among entrepreneurs seeking better ways to market their products. By working with individuals who’ve built a solid reputation and gained a good number of followers on social media, small businesses can now sell their brands to specific audiences.

It’s the growth of influencer marketing that has triggered the development of many influencer marketing platforms.

While there are many influencer marketing platforms, choosing the best will help you build solid campaigns for your brand. If you’re thinking of taking this route to help your business reach its target customers and build robust brand awareness, any of the following 3 influencer platforms will come in handy.

This is an influencer marketing platform that allows small businesses to receive proposals from interested influencers and track their metrics from a central place that’s easily accessible and convenient. Simply set your budget and the platform makes it easy for you to work with leading influencers across all social platforms in a budget that’s appropriate for their marketing strategy. It’s free to sign up at FameBit and use the market place, but for every successful campaign, you’ll be required to pay a small fee.

Throughout the entire campaign, your money is held securely and a 10% charge only when you approve the content for publishing. Moreover, your brand gains access to flexible budgeting, campaign targeting, secure workflow, post-campaign reporting, and high-end support team.

With NeoReach, you can filter through millions of influencers’ insights to identify the best influencers to work with your brand. It helps small businesses or startups to create effective influencer marketing campaigns with strong insights. With the NeoReach dashboard, enterprises can manage influencer communication, deals, and contracts and get feedback on the performance of the campaigns. Whether you’re looking for a YouTube superstar or a fast-rising Instagram micro-influencer, NeoReach has everything you need in one place.

It has an API integration system that seamlessly integrates your enterprise application with its social insights allowing you to view more data, create effective campaigns, and make improved business decisions.

Moreover, with comprehensive audience demographics in API marketing, you get to know the fans of any influencer so that you capture your target audience

This platform has an influencer management system that provides tools to help small businesses to manage their influence relationships. With Upfluence, you can create a list of suitable influencer marketers for specific campaigns so that you save time in finding the appropriate influencers for your marketing requirements.

With its data-driven search engine powered by AI, you can easily find relevant influencers within a short time, send them automated bulk emails at once, streamline your campaign workflow, and measure your returns in one place. With Upfluence software, you can access over 3 million influencers, use 20 advanced search criteria, contact influencers at scale, easily communicate with teams, and manage campaigns from A to Z.

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